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[event]Ho Ho Ho !! Merry Christmas !!


Hi Guys !!



To celebrate Christmas and New Year, UniPin will run a great event for you guys !! In this event, for you who bought UniPin Voucher from Indomaret in selected denomination will have chances to get up to 100% bonus UniPin Credits !!

Check this out guys !!

Event Period : 24 Desember 2016 until 2 Januari 2017

Term and Conditions :

1. Buy UniPin voucher at Indomaret within 100.000, 300.000 and 500.000 denomination.

2. Top Up UniPin voucher that you bought to your UniPin Wallet account. 


3. If you`re lucky, you will receive notification and icon like below.


4. You can click that icon, and you will be redirected to Transaction History to check the bonus that you got.


5. Bonus that you can get will be within 10% untuk 100% bonus.

It`s easy right ? So Buy UniPin voucher at your nearest Indomaret and get the UniPin Credits bonus !!

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