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Recruit, Formation and Hero systems.

Reach level 15 to unlock these functions.


1. Click on the Recruit button


2. Select the heroes you’d like (Hero recruitment based on coins and prestige).


After recruitment, the system will be on cooldown for a while. Level up and increase prestige to recruit stronger heroes. Recruiting senior heroes is one of the most effective ways to improve battle rating.



1. Click on the Formation button.

2. Click on the Heroes’ avatar and put them in the formation


Strategic formation can make your fight easier.

Support Crew:

This function will open when you reach a certain amount of prestige.


You can put the free heroes in the support crew, and they’ll provide the player with additional properties. Increase your prestige and unlock the higher level back-up position where you can put senior heroes.



1. Click on the Hero button

2. Select a hero to increase its level or upgrade.


Levelling will cost EXP items. You can only use those items to increase a hero’s level but not your character.


When a hero reaches its max level, you can upgrade it and unlock new attributes and skills. Upgrading a hero requires specific materials.

High level hero recruitment channel: Divine Altar

You can use the hero summoning token or recharge Balens to summon heroes in Divine Altar

Sacrifice: When you have duplicate heroes, the sacrifice button will be unlocked. Sacrifice a hero to receive reverted pneuma and the hero will disappear.